30 Most Exciting Family Feud Questions

Learn how to play Family Feud Plus 30 Most Exciting Family Feud Questions For Kids And Adults

family feud questions
30 Most Exciting Family Feud Questions

Playing the hilarious game “family feud” with your family and friends of all ages is fun. The most thrilling game to play with loved ones is this one.

Use these entertaining family feud questions to liven up your family gatherings, game nights, and house parties.

How Do You Play Family Feud With Family and Friends?


To win, two teams must provide responses to several well-known questions. There is no requirement that the questions have precise or factual responses.

These questions resemble surveys and may provide various results.

The best answer is the one that has the greatest chance of being picked by the majority of participants.

The team obtains points based on the number of right answers given.

For Example:

Question 1: What is the color of a carrot?

If 100 people say that “The color of a carrot is red”, and if your team leader also guessed the same answer then the team gets 100 points.

Decide upon a fixed number of points to win the game.

Begin the game: Face Off


  1. Select a host to ask questions and to update the scores on the scorecard.
  2. Select a team captain for each team. If possible, the team captains could have an app or some toy to make a buzzer sound.
  3. Each team should have equal number of players.

The teams are seated side by side. Next, the host will ask a question.

The team captain who plays the buzzer first has five seconds to provide an answer from the Family Feud questions and answers sheet.

If the first Team Captain is unable to provide the right response, the other Team Captain is given an opportunity to guess.

The winning Captain’s team gets the chance to plat the game.

If he chooses not to play that question, it is given to the opposing team.

The team that accepts the challenge has the opportunity to predict the remaining leading responses to that question.

Round One

Each team member has an opportunity to make a guess at the solution. The team members cannot discuss about the solutions between themselves.

They keep guessing until either all of the top answers are obtained or they get three incorrect answers ( strikes).

The points for the correct answers are listed in the Family Feud questions and answers sheet.

During a round, if the first team receives three strikes, the second team has one opportunity to score a point.

If the second team gives the right answer, the host increases their score.

The first team, however, has the opportunity to keep its points for that round if the opposite team fails.

The host records the total points earned by each team on the scorecard at the conclusion of the round.

This is end of round one.

The procedure is repeated to start the second round, which is led by a new team player. The number of rounds depends upon the number of team players.

So if you have five team members you can play five rounds. After total rounds, the family with the highest score wins.

family feud game
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Fast Money Bonus Round

This round is like a bonus round for the scoring more points at the end of the above game.

Two members of the winning team are called to answer five bonus questions.

You may use questions from the Family Feud Questions list you have. You don’t need to prepare extra questions.

Ask questions to one player at a time. The other team member must not be able to listen to the answers given.

For player 1, Set up a timer for 20 seconds for answering these five bonus questions.

The player may pass the question of he/she is not bale to answer it then and come back to it later if time remains.

Calculate the scores of this player.

Now, ask the same questions to player 2. Give 30 seconds to this player.

See that this player does not give the same answer for some question as player 1.

If it does, then ask to guess another answer.

Calculate the scores of this player too. If the total score of the two is 300 points then they win the bonus prize.

Check out the Trending Family Feud Question on Twitter

Name something (or someone) that gets hotter and hotter.

— Family Feud (@FamilyFeud) January 23, 2023

Family Feud Question List

Q1. Name a famous ‘Smith’ ?

  • Adam Smith
  • Joseph Smith
  • Will Smith
  • Kevin Smith

Q2. Which is the most common lie a husband tells his wife?

  • You are the most beautiful woman
  • I will never cheat you
  • I did not keep that towel on the bed
  • I never forget your Birthday
  • You look fabulous in that dress

Q3. Name a reason people prefer summer to winter.

  • Warm weather
  • Wear lighter clothes
  • No Snow
  • Beach
  • Feel happier

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Q4.What are some of the things required to wrap gifts?

  • Box
  • Ribbon
  • Seal tape
  • Wrapper
  • Greeting/Address card

Q5. “An Eye for an Eye ” is one expression that contains the word “Eye”. Name Another

  • Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder
  • Apple of my Eye
  • Cross My Heart, hope to die, Needle of my Eye
  • I Got my Eye on you.

Q6. Name something guests do at a wedding reception.

  • Dance 
  • Eat 
  • Drink 
  • Clap 
  • Take pictures 

Q7. When deserted on an island, you will first search for?

  • Water
  • Help
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothes

Q8. Name some disposable items

  • Paper plates
  • Razors
  • Syringes
  • Garbage bags
  • Diapers

Q9. Name something you will not cut with a scissor?

  • Clay
  • Water
  • Hands
  • Face
  • Line

Q10. Why would someone quit school?

  • Lazy 
  • Pressure
  • Failing
  • New Job
  • Don’t Like It

Q11. What are some common items people bring on holiday?

  • Travel Documents
  • Camera
  • Money
  • Phone chargers
  • Laptop / Tab

Q12. What topics might a father counsel his children on?

  • Education
  • Relationships
  • Jobs
  • Finance

Q13.Describe an event that may lead to a family feud amongst neighbors in real life.

  • Noise
  • Pets
  • Naughty Kids
  • Boundary disputes

Q14. Which locations can be the most terrifying for those who have height phobias?

  • Rollercoasters
  • Balcony of a high tower
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Grand Canyon Skywalk

Q15. For what reasons would parents ground their children?

  • Bad Habits
  • Disobedience/Disrespect
  • Lying
  • Aggressive Behavior

Q16. What things do people mostly post on social media?

  • Photos/Memes
  • Selfies
  • Updates/Announcements
  • Pictures with family & Friends

Q17. Which pets have the longest lives?

  • Turtles/Tortoise
  • Cats
  • Goldfish
  • Parrots

Q18. If you ever plan for a robbery, which place would you select to rob?

  • Bank
  • Jewelry Store
  • Dad’s Wallet
  • ATM

Q19. What would you do on a date with a zombie?

A date with a zombie
A Date with a Zombie
  • Carry good food so that they do not feed on you
  • First Aid Box / Medicines
  • Give a sensuous massage
  • Carry a gun for safety

Q20. What were your favorite activities in kindergarten?

  • Sleep
  • Play with friends/ toys
  • Drawing & Coloring
  • Eat

Q21: What are some of the things you don’t want to grow as quickly as they do?

  • Weight
  • Upper lip hair
  • Kids/Babies
  • Lawn/Weeds

Q22: List some of the worst-smelling items.

  • Socks/Clothes
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Baby Nappies
  • Sewers

Q23. Name the favorite vampire movies.

  • Nosferatu
  • Let the right one in
  • The Hunger
  • Only Lovers Left Alive

Q24. What are the most popular Christmas traditions across the world?

  • Set up a Christmas tree
  • Hang the Mistletoe/ Exchange Gifts
  • Bake Christmas Cookies /Cakes
  • Elf on the Shelf

Q25. What the most popular ads of USA?

  • Samsung- Love Hurts- The Spider
  • Doritos – Super Bowl 2022
  • Rocket Mortgage – Super Bowl ad 2022
  • NFL Super Bowl 2022 Commercial bring down the house

Q26. Name something you never like to see for a breakfast Buffet?

  • Lunch Or Dinner
  • Oatmeal
  • Soup
  • Egg & Syrup

Q27. Name something you often feel sleepy while doing?

  • School
  • Reading
  • Working
  • Eating
  • Watching TV

Q28. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

  • Washroom
  • Wash your face/ Shower
  • Fix the bed
  • Pray

Q29. What is the most common item found in a woman’s handbag?

  • Makeup
  • Phone
  • Money
  • Tampons

Q30. What would you do if you are upset?

  • Cry
  • Talk to someone
  • Sit alone for sometime
  • Eat

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