Ram Charan’s RRR Breaking Boundaries

The Indian Blockbuster, Ram Charan’s RRR is breaking boundaries after winning global recognition. It has won accolades all around the world. The movie has won several awards at various film festivals, including the prestigious Academy Awards. Recently, the movie has been rereleased all around the world prior to the 95th Academy Awards that will take place on March 12, 2023.

Ram Charan's RRR Breaking Boundaries

S.S. Rajamouli directed the film. The stunning visuals and gripping storyline keeps the audience engaged throughout the movie. Ramcharan’s performance as Alluri Sitarama Raju was particularly noteworthy, earning him critical acclaim and a spot on the prestigious list of Oscar nominees.

Ram Charan spoke to Sam Fragoso on the Talk Easy podcast show about his successes with RRR and his future plans.

Ram Charan Practices Ayyapa Deeksha

The talk show started with Ram Charan;s experience of observing Ayappa Deeksha. He shared how he had taken up the Deeksha as a personal choice and how it helped him in his performance. For those who are unfamiliar, Ayyappa Deeksha is a spiritual practice followed by devotees of Lord Ayyappa.

It involves abstaining from certain foods, habits and activities for a period of 48 days. During this period one needs to sacrifice all luxurious. According to him, he observes Deeksha as it helps him to discipline himself. It helps him to be grounded and be grateful. It majorly helped him to focus on his performance at the LA.

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RRR Collection at the Box Office

Ram Charan’s RRR has become a global sensation. He spoke about the context of the movie and his experience with NTR Jr. He praised the director SS Rajamouli for his magical generations. The budget was the largest in Indian history which was $70 million. He shared his experiences of his shoots. He said they shot for 270 days and he suffered knee injuries.

Ram mentioned about shooting in the pre-war Ukraine. He appreciated the place and the people. He expressed his grief to know that all the places he visited with his friends and family have gone, unfortunately, at the expense of the war.

Naatu Naatu

The film gained fame because of its blockbuster number, Naatu Naatu. The song has become an instant hit among the audience and has crossed over 100 million views on YouTube. He said the song is meaningless but the scenes following it adds a lot of meaning to it. It had a lot of emotions and it displays the brotherhood and love of two people coming from different lifestyles. This song recieved The Oscars nominations.

Ram Charan then spoke about his upbringing by his father actor Chiranjeevi. He spoke about how his father would keep him away from the effects of his father’s stardom. He, later, proceeded to speak about his journey on the path of acting marking his success upto RRR.

Breaking the Boundary Barriers

According to Ram Charan, The most remarkable experience is that RRR erased the lines between Tollywood and Bollywood. RRR has paved the path for Indian Film Industry reaching the Oscars. This in itself is an exemptous success. By pushing boundaries and challenging traditional storytelling methods, RRR is inspiring a new generation of filmmakers to take risks and create bold, innovative works that push the envelope even further.

Ramcharan has given us a glimpse into his personal and professional life. His insights on the future of the Indian film industry have also been thought-provoking. RRR has made people come together – dance, laugh and cry.

Enjoy the podcast: Talk Easy with Ram Charan

How much did Ram Charan Charge for RRR?

According to News18, Ram Charan charged a sum of Rs 45 Crores for the movie RRR.

How much did RRR earn worldwide?

RRR earned a huge sum of Rs 1131 Crores worldwide

How much NTR Jr Charge for RRR?.

According to News18, Ram Charan and NTR Jr, both charged the same amount which was Rs 45 Crores, for the movie RRR

How much does NetFlix Pay for RRR?

RRR was sold to Netflix for Rs350 Crores

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