The Chinatown Residents Concerned About 76ers New Arena

Chinatown Residents Concerned About 76ers New Arena

Philadelphia 76ers

An arena to be built in Philadelphia has been has been a long and ambitious & controversial topic and the Chinatown residents have raised their concern about the New Arena.

76ers New Arena
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As the 76ers continue to make progress on their new arena, many in the local community are voicing their concerns about the potential effects the project may have. The most common worry is that the new development will push longtime Chinatown businesses out of the area, and that the increased traffic will create major problems for the already congested neighborhood.

Others are concerned that the new arena will simply be too loud, and that it will create a general disturbance in the neighborhood. Some feel that the team has not been transparent enough about their plans, and that they have not taken into account the concerns of local residents.

Despite these concerns, however, it seems likely that the project will move forward. The Sixers have already invested a great deal of time and money into the planning stages, and they appear to be determined to see the project through.

Introduction: Who Are the 76ers?

The Eastern Conference Philadelphia 76ers are an original National Basketball League basketball team. In the late 1940s, the team played for several years at the Philadelphia Athletic Association in the American Basketball League, and won the first division championship in 1949.

The team then joined the National Basketball Association in the 1950s and has been playing there ever since.

Friendship and Integration: The 76ers and Their Japanese Community 1976-2017

Friendship and integration: 1976-2017

Averaging over 21,700 individual game attendance per year in the hevel years they made back-to-back championship title games, and, over course of the years have consistently performed well at the attendance level.

However, with each passing year the team has increasingly played in front of a non-Chinese audiences, although the number of and size of non-Chinese fans caused an increase in the nearly 5,000 fans of Chinese ethnicity, while falling attendance in china declined overall.

What Will the 76ers New Arena Look Like?

The Chinatown Residents Concern about the New Arena
A rendering of the new arena, as imagined by the 76ers franchiseVIA 76 PLACE

The 76ers intend to use a domed design, which is a common venue option in the United States. The domed design creates a strong visual scene for the interior, which will allow fans to feel like they are inside a dome. The aesthetics of the dome will allow fans to enjoy the game from a better seat, which will generate greater home field advantage.

From a 360-degree point of view, the dome shape creates material that is spread out towards the audience, which allows for a panoramic view of the whole arena. Additionally, the dome ensures that no one will be blocked by the surrounding structures, which will greatly improve the game’s compliance.

The goal of the dome design is to create a more isolated sense of intimacy in the arena. This is beneficial for creating an arena that will feel more like watching a live-event.

The Use of Chinatown area for Transportation

Charles Holloway, a resident of the area, was skeptical of the promise that the new arena and the developments along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway would bring to the neighborhood, especially in regards to hiring and retail businesses.

Holloway was concerned that the overall area would be left barren and underutilized when it came to commercial space.

Holloway feels that many of these popular transportation options and strong commercial resale prices for future development space would be lost on top of those already in the Chinatown district.

However, with high-end residential development being built rapidly along Center Avenue south of Baker Street, the Chinatown area would appreciate a nearby neighborhood like the square, Hacker said.

If the local businesses earned a fixed amount of annually for the land, they could be compensated for the impact, and this would both take some of the burden off the potential new residents and would give these businesses more incentive to revitalize the area.

Bringing in this concept over to hockey, it would be nice if your team increase the value of the banners that reveal the superstars up to teams.

Two teams that have exceeded expectations prior to the wearing the batteries, but the two system says it’s going to upgraded level gives the team.

The Impact of 76ers New Arena to Bloomington

It seems safe to assume that the impact the 76ers are going to have on the city of Bloomington won’t be positive. Not only will it generate a great deal of additional traffic that will only make Bloomington’s core precinct for life, but the team’s success will probably inspire other franchises to move into the local area.

The growing success of the high-profile team also means that other cities may be interested in building their own venues as well, meaning that the arena itself could pave the way for the demolition of countless apartment buildings, skyscrapers, and other structures.

Not only that, but the arena will only serve to distract both teams and local businesses from gardening and other important daily tasks, putting them at greater risk during floods and other unavoidable events.

The referendum that will finalize the outcome of this proposal is being set to go out for a vote on November 8th. 2,169 votes will be needed in favor of the measure to pass, and a substantially higher number against it for it to fail.

So, despite the lack of a lease arrangement between the Sixers and the opponents at this point, it is simply too early to know if voters will approve this project and its potential fallout. Hopefully, the truth about the effects of the arena will indeed become known before November and all 300,000 votes may be postponed.

What’s the 76ers New Arena Plan?

76ers proposed arena


There seems to be two groups in opposition to the new arena. There is the City government which does not believe the team needs the extra space, and there is the business community which does believe the team needs the space. The opponents of the arena say the proposed development is unnecessary, and that the city needs to continue working on revitalizing the downtown area.

The officials have cited that the city has spent millions on subsidies for other projects, and that an arena increases the risk of this spending being taken away by operating deficits in the city.

Supporters of the arena argue that the team needs the additional space, as they run out of parking in the end of the season and the current practice facility doesn’t fit.

Many feel that this development will revitalize the area, and that the impact of increased city traffic due to the stadium construction will be much less than the less business of tourists and downtown visitors who wish to visit the new structure. These supporters note that the team talks about this arena being a `Teachers-Students of D’Monte Mentoring Program’ that will benefit students and young adults and the city will reap the benefits later by allowing businesses to flourish in the area once revitalization begins.

Is This a Good Idea?

An arena to be built in Philadelphia has, in my opinion, been has been a long and ambitious& controversial topic. Everyone wants to see the arena built, but not many realize just where and how the new arena will affect not just the Philadelphia people but even the entire city culture. I do agree that everyone has a right to voice their opinion about what to opt for but the city will push forward to build this arena for many reasons, old accounts at the club, security advice, the 433 area, not to mention biking. The 76ers and Philadelphia fans are very proud.


Conclusion At present: There are 59 property owners along the Chinatown block from N. Broad Street to 76th Street and from Clay to York streets. NYSAH Secretary: Secretary Cheryl Leong, 73 Prince Street. General Manager: speculative Bruce Gesing, 30 Ogden Street.


What is the interior design of the arena?

The interior design, was approved in January, 2017. It features Brooklyn North Hyper-Blue glass. The netting along the upper deck is outfitted with the Nets’ green striping, or roots. The booth area features the Nets’ stylized embroidered logo, behind golden outlines.

Will a train station be added to the area?

“We were contacted by a former member of the Philadelphia 158th Ward that said he was unaware of sacrifices being made by the community, and that he knew nothing but the 1st precinct. We conducted an investigation in spelling and found our source had a Russian or Ukrainian surname. (We were unable to determine if the person who contacted us was the former member of the ward he worked for.)… ”We interpret the current search terms as evidence of problematic research of potential community research, and if that’s the case, that says something about what’s going on in powerful positions for the mid-Atlantic region of the state. Respond with a letter of complaint. We doubt I’d be here to answer your questions but instead directed them to China fishing rod.

Philadelphia is getting a new arena, and Chinatown residents are concerned about the traffic it will bring.

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