The Forever Young Madonna confused her fans at the latest Grammy Awards on 6th February with her new look. 

When asked about plastic surgery, the singer star strictly refuses to agree but possibly may be using a lot of filters.

Her lips looked abnormally puffed-up and her sharp cheekbones are against the normal aging process

Looks like even after going viral posing topless and showing off her backside on Instagram, the 63-year-old couldn't get enough attention.

Comments on Social Media: “Can’t she accept she is getting old? I wouldn’t even recognize her if she walked by.”

Fans showed their concerns on social media: “The woman has become very sad and needs to bow out now for her own sake.”

Some people mentioned that Madonna is refusing to get old.  “She looks like a Madonna  impersonator, not the real Madonna.”

“I really wish Madonna never touched her face,” a fan commented. “There really was no reason. She was going to age beautifully. She’s always been beautiful.”

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